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Cataract Awaress Month

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the United States, and the leading cause of blindness in the world. There are 24 million Americans over the age of 40 who are affected by cataracts, so it seems fitting that an entire month should be dedicated to education and awareness.

When the time arrives and the decision has been made to have cataract surgery, Florida Eye offers its patients many options, depending on lifestyle, desired outcomes and the wants and needs of each patient.

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In the two years since it was introduced, the Symfony remains the only extended depth of focus lens available and has proven itself with many happy patients enjoying their newly acquired vision. Barry Schechter, M.D. is Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute’s Director of Cornea & Cataract Services, Glaucoma, & External Disease & Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Dr. Schechter said he continues to have excellent results with the Symfony lens implant, which allows for great distance, intermediate and close vision with better color vision than traditional multifocal lens implants and almost no glare and haloes.

“The Symfony lens has been a welcome option for my patients leading active lifestyles who have had issues focusing on objects at near distances because of presbyopia (people have lost the ability to focus on objects up close and often require glasses to perform near visual tasks) as well as for my patients with astigmatism,” said Dr. Schechter. (Astigmatism is when the cornea is misshapen, which causes blurry or distorted vision.)

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