Your eyes constantly produce tears at a slow and steady rate so that they stay moist and comfortable. However, some people cannot produce enough tears, or quality tears, to keep their eyes healthy or comfortable. This condition is known as dry eye.

When we use screens like our smartphones, tablets, or TVs, we blink far less often. With screen time on the rise, more and more people are affected by dry eye. If you’re in front of a screen all day, you may notice dry, gritty, burning sensations, stinging, blurry vision, or even watery eyes. Dry eye disease feels different than you might expect. For some, it might mean dry, irritated, and red eyes, but for others, it might mean irritation wearing contacts or even watery eyes.

Did you know dry eye disease affects 40 million Americans? While common, dry eye is also treatable. We have tools to help figure out what’s causing your dry eye symptoms and target the root cause so you can feel better and see better.


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Why Choose Florida Eye Doctors to Treat Your Dry Eye Concerns?

Your eyelids do more than protect your eyes; they also contain tiny glands that produce oil. These oils coat the surface of the eye, keeping them hydrated and comfortable. When glands become blocked, you may experience watery eyes, vision fluctuations, or irritation. Your eye’s natural tears have three layers. The top layer consists of oils that protect the tears below that keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable. Glands produce the oils in your eyelids. If those glands become clogged or don’t work correctly, it may lead to dry eye. People with dry eye might experience dry, scratchy eyes, but they might also have watery eyes or need to blink several times to restore clear vision. We can help determine if your dry eye symptoms are likely caused by problems with your glands and create a treatment plan that fits your needs.

You may not have heard about Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), but it’s more common than you think! Meibomian Glands are responsible for producing oils that help prevent your tears from drying up. However, you may experience dry eye symptoms like irritation, redness, scratchy sensation, or even watery eyes when they’re not working correctly. Call our office if you think you have dry eye.

James Walsh, O.D., runs Florida Eye’s dry eye study trials and is our dry eye treatment coordinator.

Thank you so much for figuring out why my eyes were bothering me. I know one of the possible developments with Lasik is dry eye, but I just didn’t even think that could be my problem because I was fine for months after the surgery. Now, I don’t need glasses, and I don’t walk around rubbing my eyes all day!


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