Physicians at Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute have frequently received media coverage for interesting medical cases and informative interviews. Below are some of these.

Dr. Lam featured in West Delray Living Magazine

Dr. Schechter Discusses Multifocal Lens Implants

Baby Born with No Eyes

Restoring Fozzie’s Eyesight

Calcified Cataract

New Device Revolutionizes Vision Screening

Calcified Cataract

Smartphone’s Impact on Your Eyes

Monsters Inside Me

Dr. Steven Naids and His Patient Discuss PanOptix Lens

Jeepers Creepers – Live Worm in Woman’s Eye!

A Combined Approach to Pterygium Surgery EyeTube (1/2021)

Eye doctors share the craziest things they’ve ever seen at work FOX News (10/2017)

5 Eye Doctors Share the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen At Work Men’s Health (10/2017)

5 Eye Doctors Share The Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen At Work Women’s Health (9/2017)

Florida ophthalmic society readies for Zika, discussion with Joseph Nezgoda, MD | Ophthalmology Management (9/2016)

Primary Pterygium Surgery in a 32-Year-Old Patient, By Barry A. Schechter, MD | Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today (3/2016)

Retinal Specialist Joins Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute in Wellington | Wellington The Magazine (10/2015)

Jonathan S. Criss, MD Trades in the Cold New York Winters for the Year-round Florida Sunshine | TravelHost (Winter/2015)

Cataract Surgery Specialist, Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute Welcomes Dr. Jonathan S. Criss | The Boca Raton Observer (12/2014)

Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute Opens New, State-Of-The-Art Office | Wellington, The Magazine (7/2014)

Florida Eye Shares Tips for Protecting Your Vision From the Sun | Travel Host (7/2014)

Banzai Friedman | Banzai Wellness (6/2013)

November is National Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month | Banzai Wellness (9/2012)

Cataract Surgical Treatments | Banzai Wellness (11/2012)

Preventing Eye Fatigue & Strain, a Growing Complaint Among Smart Device Users | Travel Host (2012)

Dr. Barry Schechter Discusses the “Ouchless Needle” | Boynton Beach Forum, On the Spot (5/8/2012)

Cataract Surgical Treatments | Ophthalmologic (Fall 2011)

Q&A: Palm Beach County eye doctor dispels some myths | Sun Sentinel News (10/6/2010)

Donation effort helps Lions Club | Sun Sentinel News (10/3/2010)

Florida Eye collects used glasses for Lions Club recycling program | Sun Sentinel News (9/8/2010)

Florida Eye collecting used pairs of glasses for underprivileged | Boynton Beach Forum (9/1/2010)

New device revolutionizes vision screening | (2/18/2010)

Eye doctors help collect donations for Haiti relief | Boynton Beach Forum (2/3/2010)

A New Multifocal Lens Transplant Has Cataract Patients Seeing Crisply and Clearly for the First Time in Many Years | Palm Beach Country Travel Host magazine (Spring 2010)

Baby Born With No Eyes | West Palm Beach News (1/26/2010)

Morrisville’s TearScience aims to clear up dry eye | Triangle Business Journal (11/27/2009)

Join local company to support U.S. troops | (11/20/2009)

Site Saver: Boca Raton Ophthalmologist Restores Dog’s Vision | Boca Raton News (5/2009)

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