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Looking like your favorite vampire this Halloween may sound like fun, and no one is telling you don’t go for the glow, however… What every eye doctor will tell you is that you must have an exam and a proper contact lens fitting to keep your eyes safe, and that goes for colored contacts as well.

Last Halloween we featured the risks of wearing cosmetic contacts in a blog post. We thought the message was important enough to share again this year, but this time we were determined to drive the point home even further with advice from Florida Eye’s Comprehensive Ophthalmologist and Cataract Surgeon, Jonathan Criss, M.D., who has seen eye issues result from using such lenses.

“Lenses that are not properly fit, prescribed, and cared for can have tremendous adverse effects on ocular health,” says Dr. Criss. “Problems related to poor oxygenation of the cornea, mechanical abrasions, and disastrous infections have all been linked to cosmetic contact lenses; I caution my patients not to wear them unless under the direct supervision of an ophthalmologist or optometrist.”

Dr. Criss also added that “All lenses must be cared for according to their doctor’s instructions, disposed of according to the proper schedule, and never shared with others. I also instruct my lens-wearing patients to remove any lenses that are uncomfortable and to come in for evaluation for any foreign body sensation, pain, tearing, or redness, as these can be signs and symptoms of serious problems.”

Still considering wearing cosmetic lenses purchased from a store or online? Think again… Check out this scary story from The Daily Mail. And then turn to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for more eye safety Tips & Tricks.

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