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In Wednesday’s blog post, I included a quote from the American Academy of Ophthalmology outlining the severe eye issues that can occur as a result of wearing contacts in the pool.

After reading that post (and I hope you did!), if you’re still inclined to wear your contacts in the pool, read what happened to this man after simply wearing his contacts while taking a shower in his own home.

And if that scary article doesn’t move you, maybe this one, of a woman’s experience while wearing contacts in the shower, will.

In his article for Forbes, Senior Health Contributor Bruce Y. Lee nailed it: “Non-sterilized water and contact lenses are like alcohol and texting your ex. They should never mix. Otherwise, bad things could happen.”

Read this account and I’m guessing you may think twice about keeping your contacts in when in the shower, swimming, or the hot tub, ocean or lake, for that matter.

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