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Clinical Trials

Florida Eye conducts a variety of clinical trials at any given time. As with any of our studies at Florida Eye, if you refer patients and they are enrolled, we will update you on the progress of your patient and return the patient to your care at the end of the study. The sponsor covers all expenses and costs of these trials.

Study One: Dry AMD

VA of 20/320 or better in the study eye. Age 60 or greater. No prior treatment in study eye.

Study Two: DME

VA of 20/40 to 20/320 in the study eye. Age 18 or greater. Diabetes Type I or type II.  Prior IVT in either eye is allowed. Must be less than 24 treatments in 24 months.

Study Three: Blepharitis

Patients with Blepharitis who have an active flare-up.

For More Information


For more information about any of our trials, please contact our study coordinator, Margo Dague. Margo can be reached by phone at 1-561-736-5055 or by email.

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