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Millions of people worldwide are living with glaucoma, a disease which results in irreversible blindness if not diagnosed and treated early. But very recently, promising study results have been reported by researchers in the UK, and this new research on stem cells provides hope for a potential glaucoma treatment which could help the millions affected with the disease.

This study demonstrates that using a patient’s own stem cells — via a simple surgical procedure — could one day be the key to stop glaucoma before it causes loss of vision and/or blindness.

Dr. Barry Schechter, Florida Eye’s Director of Cornea and Cataract Service is cautiously optimistic about this aspect of stem cell technology. “Before being used on a large scale, testing for safety is necessary over time to evaluate for side effects.” Read more.

Are you at risk for glaucoma? Do you even know your risk factors? Download our free information and find out, and also learn more about the disease and treatment.

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