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Why come to the Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute for your dry eye care concerns?

There are many reasons a patient may be suffering from dry eye, a condition where the eye or eyes simply do not produce enough tears. Everything from using antihistamines, aging, hormonal changes, various autoimmune diseases, previous eye surgeries, and a host of other explanations can be the culprit. At Florida Eye we will determine the cause of the condition, and determine the best course of dry eye treatment for each patient. Dry is a bother and it can be painful, but it can also be effectively treated.

Why choose Florida Eye doctors to treat your dry eye concerns?

All of our doctors are knowledgeable with dry eye treatments, but it is Dr. Barry Schechter and Dr. Jason Gorscak who see most of it on a daily basis. Either doctor is more than capable of handling any issues, from diagnosis and treatment to follow up care, as both cover comprehensive ophthalmologic care, as well as their own specialties.

Dr. Schechter specializes in refractive cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, ocular surface diseases and glaucoma at Florida Eye. A board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained corneal transplant specialist, Dr. Schechter has been diagnosing, treating and operating in his field since 1992. Read more »

Thank you so much for figuring out why my eyes were bothering me. I know one of the possible developments with Lasik is dry eye, but I just didn’t even think that could be my problem because I was fine for months after the surgery. Now, I don’t need glasses and I don’t walk around rubbing my eyes all day!


Dr. Gorscak focuses on comprehensive eye care at Florida Eye, including diagnosing and treating cataract conditions, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. He also specializes in diagnosing and removing both benign and malignant tumors of the eyelids. A board certified ophthalmologist, in the several years Dr. Gorscak has been with Florida Eye he has already established himself as a caring, dedicated physician in Palm Beach County. Read more »

Ceiling fans. I never would have thought they could be my dry eye culprit. You had it figured out in no time. Now when I go to sleep I leave the fan off and lower the thermostat instead. Thanks Dr. Gorscak, and please thank your tech for me too.

A recent patient

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