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Thank you, Dr. Katz, for the miracle:

Dear Dr. Katz, I would like to thank you for giving me a "miracle." My eyes are so much better. I can see the newspaper and computer, even my driving is better. What you did when you fixed my second cataract, seemed to make a tremendous difference in my eyesight. I am very thankful for your expertise in helping me.”

Thanks again, Joe

Dr. Joyce Salomon raves about Dr. Katz:

I have been referring retina patients, including family members, to Dr Randy Katz of Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute for many years. I have been impressed with his clinical skill and diagnostic ability. I have always gotten great feedback from my patients and they have always felt that they received excellent care. Recently, I noticed a retinal defect on my eye on a scan that was taken in my office. As an optometrist I understood the importance of having a retinal specialist look at this defect. After careful examination Dr Katz assured me that the defect was benign and didn’t require treatment. After my visit to his office, I understood why my patients have such confidence in Dr Katz. He delivered compassionate and meticulous care. He is truly an asset to our community.”

Sincerely, Dr. Salomon

Dr. Schechter, raising the bar for other physicians:

There are no words to fully express my gratitude, but to you and your staff — Thank you, Thank you — for what you did, what you said & who you are. You raise a very high bar for other physicians because not only are you talented and proficient, but you give compassionate3 care (especially to ‘Nervous Nellies’ like me) to your patients. May life bring you a reflection of the kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown.”

Ever grateful for your consideration, Bessie

Swimming again, thanks to Dr. Gorscak!

Dear Dr. Gorscak. I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. I was glad to know the damage only affected my cornea, and that it would get better. I was also very grateful when I called you in extreme pain, and you came and met me at the office on a Saturday morning. Best of all, with my cornea almost 100% healed, you gave me the go-ahead to resume my swimming, and I did just that! Even though I might need a new Rx for my glasses because of the injury, I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.”

Sincerely, Jan

And back on the golf course, thanks to Dr. Katz!

I am beyond ecstatic over the improvement with my vision, however, my wife wants to lodge a complaint with you because she says she never sees me anymore. That’s because I’m back on the golf course every day, thanks to you!! From one golfer to another, you have my undying gratitude.”

All the best, Al

After two failed transplants by a different surgeon, I found my savior in Dr. Schechter!

Dr. Schechter is my savior. I had two previous corneal transplants with a surgeon in Palm Beach, and both operations didn’t take. I couldn’t see and my eye also looked awful. I happened to run into a friend of mine and she told me I simply had to go see Dr. Schechter — that he worked miracles. Well, I saw him on a Wednesday, had the surgery on Thursday and before I even got up from the table I could see again. I kept saying, ‘I see the light, I see the light,’ like a crazy person.

It’s been a year and a half and everything is wonderful. Dr. Schechter’s whole approach is different. He takes charge and everyone at Florida Eye knows what they are doing. Wonderful staff. I absolutely adore Dr. Schechter and I recommend him to everyone.”


Kudos to a patient and caring staff!

Words cannot express my gratitude for the way you helped my father. Dr. Gorscak, your patient manner was just what my dad needed to help him make the decision to have his surgery. Now he can see better than ever, which makes life easier on all of us. And kudos to the Florida Eye team. Your techs were just as patient and caring with him and that also helped him make his decision.”

All the best, Joseph

Herb Foxman, once again a marksman extraordinaire!

Herb hit the bullseye when he chose Dr. Schechter for his surgery!
Herb hit the bullseye when he
chose Dr. Schechter for his surgery!

Herb Foxman, 75, has worn many hats… a former production engineer, a plant safety officer for RCA, a photographer, and now, thanks to Dr. Barry Schechter, M.D., F.A.A.O., he is once again a marksman extraordinaire! Less than one week after cataract surgery at Florida Eye, Herb went back to the shooting range, and when he came in for his post surgery checkup the sharpshooter brought Dr. Schechter a gift — the actual results of his first target practice since his surgery. Herb shoots a 22 caliber pistol, and he’s been shooting every Wednesday at the local range. Problem was, he wasn’t doing too well because every time he looked through the monocular to focus on the red dot, he would see three dots instead of the one. ‘I was never sure which one was the center dot,’ says Herb. ‘Now I see one distinct dot.’ Herb says after discussing his options with Dr. Schechter, he chose to have a standard lens implanted in his right eye. It was the right decision for Herb, who says, ‘I don’t even need glasses anymore. I see incredibly!’ ”

Herb Foxman

21-year-old patient on Crystalens.

I had to wear my glasses to put toothpaste on my toothbrush and I couldn’t see my dogs, Black Jack and Sammie, my friends, or even colors very well. After Dr. Schechter implanted Crystalens in my eyes, I could see everything — my friends, my dogs, colors. Green is my favorite! I will never have to wear glasses again.”


A very happy mom:

Dr. Friedman and staff, I cannot express in words how much your experience, professionalism and careful hands mean to me and my family. You gave my daughter the precious gift of sight. I truly do not know how to thank you enough.”


Referring to Dr. Katz’s eyesight-saving surgery on a family’s beloved pet:

How nice it was to hear of your kindness of helping that sweet dog. You are a good man.”


Cataract surgery patient:

Dr. Schechter, hands down you’re the best! Only three days post surgery on my left cataract and I’m seeing beautifully. I’m so happy (but, my heavens, this apartment is very dusty – didn’t notice it before!!!) Thank you very much and to your very kind staff, also.”

Many thanks, Harriet

Eye surgery patient:

Becky and Dr. Friedman, thank you so much for taking care of my son. His eye looks terrific. Also thank Becky for taking the time to assist me with my insurance to get us the best possible price. We truly appreciate your efforts.”


Eye care patient:

Dr. Katz, we appreciate your kindness and concern for the special treatment you gave us. You are a unique doctor and human being. Thanks so much!”

David & Beth

Holiday donations:

Dr. Friedman and staff, we would all just like to thank you very much for donating to families in need this holiday season. What you contributed made a difference in someone’s life who really needed it.”

Our community

Applause for the staff:

I write to express my appreciation and bring to your attention the professionalism, patience and kindness of Chantel, a person who returned my call regarding a bill I received. She not only called my insurance company but she also phoned me after she learned they admitted to an error. I believe her actions went beyond professionalism and that they were competent, kind and courteous.”


Cataract surgery patient:

Dr. Schechter, I am very grateful to you for my successful cataract operation. May God bless your hands as you continue your healing ministry. Thank you.”


Virginia loves Dr. Gorscak!

I have to admit it took me a few days to decide to go for a little more than the standard cataract lens. I was somewhat apprehensive to try the corrective lens to correct my off the chart Astigmatism. I have had glasses for 56 years and the thought of maybe not wearing glasses was so new to me, I however took a chance and decided to go for it, confident in your surgical ability. The outcome was beyond my expectations. The day after surgery I was reading 20/20 for distance. I wanted to let you know that your entire team of surgical nurses made me feel very comfortable and in good hands (especially Sida). When I returned for a follow up visit Marilyn was very kind and helpful with some post operative suggestions. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful certified ophthalmologist in Boynton Beach and will recommend you and Florida Eye to all my friends.”

Sincerely, Virginia

And Doris can’t say enough about Dr. Schechter:

When I suddenly experienced blurry vision in my only seeing eye, Richard of Sea View Optical in Delray recommended your office, and you, specifically. In his opinion, you were ‘the best.’

From the moment I arrived I felt well taken care of by every member of your staff, from the front desk to your highly able and caring assistants. Your “quick read” on my condition was communicated intelligently and empathetically… My fears of something worse were instantly allayed. After a few days my vision returned to normal. Richard was correct — you are the best.”

Sincerely, Doris

Dr. Katz is a true asset for Donna’s eyes:

I just wanted to convey to you how much I appreciate having you as my retina specialist. Your expertise has been a true asset for my eyes, and I am thankful.”

Sincerely, Donna

Bethesda Hospital Foundation receives a donation in Dr. Katz’s honor:

Dear Dr. Katz,

The Foundation recently received a donation in your honor for National Doctor’s Day from supporter Lorraine P. Thank you for your dedication in providing the highest quality of healthcare and compassion to our community.”

Sincerely, Kay Harvey, Executive Director

Bethesda Hospital Foundation receives a donation in Dr. Schechter’s honor:

Dear Dr. Schechter, The Foundation recently received a donation in your honor from supporter Geraldine S. We are honored to receive these gifts and we will direct these funds appropriately.”

Sincerely, Kay Harvey, Executive Director

And Let Harry tell you why he chose Dr. Criss for his cataract surgery:

Dr. Criss is the best! He did my cataract surgery, with great result. He helped me understand a retinal issue I have, and helped me decide what to do about it. He listened carefully and answered all my questions, when I wanted to discuss on line research I did. Highest recommendation!”


Ivy had only great things to say about Dr. Criss:

Dr. Criss saw me within 15 minutes of my arrival. While I was being examined he took the time to call my referring physician to discuss my condition. I really appreciated the fact that I was being treated as a person and not just a number. I Highly recommend Dr. Criss.”

Thanks again, Ivy

And Dennis Chose Dr. Criss to treat an eye infection:

I think that Dr. Criss is a top-notch opthalmologist. I am both happy and relieved to be under his care for a serious eye infection.”


And kudos for our newest doctor (and staff), Joseph Nezgoda, M.D.:

Hi Dr. Nezgoda! I am grateful to have met you. Thank you for the care today. It’s such a relief now learning my condition. The research was amazing to see such skilled professionals doing what they love, helping others. Your Wellington office is quite stunning to the eye! The staff gets an A+! Joe, I feel like we are friends for life. You have a great spirit and smile. You are truly blessed and may you continue doing GREAT things.”

Best regards, Daphne

Judy expressed her thanks to Dr. Neagoda as well:

Hi Dr. Nezgoda, Just want to thank you for all of your support through this process. You helped ease my worries since the day of my ER visit and throughout the surgery. I really appreciate it.”

Best, Judy

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