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Top Blog List for Doctors
Top Blog List 2016

We’re pleased to announce our 2016 best blogs list for the eye health industry! This list is comprised of top media sites, industry blogs and various online publications that promote awareness and information regarding eye health issues and news. Without further ado, here are our 2016 recipients in no particular order.

Huffington Post’s Eye Health Column

One of the nation’s top news sites has an entire news stream dedicated to eye health with top industry experts and journalists contributing to news and information regarding eye health. One of their primary contributors is Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, best-selling author and TV personality. Follow Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler on Twitter

All About Vision Blog

This blog serves as an independent resource for trustworthy information on eye health and vision. Established in 2010, AllAboutVision is designed to help YOU make good decisions regarding your eye health. Follow AllAboutVision on Twitter

Ophthalmology Times

The ModernMedicine Network brings together news, content, tools, and learning programs from credited, trusted information sources. Curated by a leading group of advisors, consultants, key opinion leaders, and content affiliates, ModernMedicine is a news hub for health industry professionals. Follow Ophthalmology Times on Twitter’s Optometry News

PCON Editor Dr. DePaolis shares his perspectives on each issue’s editorial coverage. This blog includes regular content from top medical practitioners regarding the field of optometry. Follow on Twitter

CooperVision Blog: Eye Health

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. This blog contains informational articles that address an array of eye topics. Follow CooperVision on Twitter

VisionAware Blog

For those recently diagnosed with vision loss and their families, VisionAware’s blogs cover personal perspectives and responses to vision loss, daily living techniques and helpful products, breaking news on eye conditions and treatments, new resources and organizations, and more. Follow VisionAware on Twitter

Vision Source Blog

Vision Source’s blog is regularly updated to include information from the practice, as well as Dr. Walter West himself. This blog includes topics that cover everything from eye safety and science, to how to help your child adjust for wearing glasses. Follow Vision Source on Twitter

Enhanced Vision Blog

Includes posts that focus on the topic of macular degeneration and living with low vision. Follow Enhanced Vision on Twitter


Over the last 25 years, IRIS the Visual Group has become the largest network of eye care professionals in Canada. Thanks to a distinctive concept and commitment to highest quality products and services, IRIS has managed to differentiate itself in the eyecare industry. Follow IRIS on Twitter

The Discovery Eye Foundation

Discovery Eye Foundation (DEF) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to finding treatments and cures to sight-threatening eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, keratoconus, ocular herpes, and retinitis pigmentosa. Follow The Discover Eye Foundation on Twitter

Optegra Eye Health Care

Eye health care blog, where you’ll find useful information and tips on taking care of your eyes. Follow Optegra on Twitter

Natural Eye Care Blog

The information and recommendations Natural Eye Care offers are based on over 30 years of peer review research and personal clinical experience which guides us in providing a valuable resource to their readers regarding maintaining healthy vision naturally. Follow Natural Eye Care on Twitter

VSP Blog

VSP blog offers tips and information on the science behind your eyes, tips to help you preserve your eyes, and offers advice when it comes to exams and your doctor. Follow VSP on Twiter

EyeCare 20/20

Covering topics and news on subjects like glaucoma, LASIK, pediatric eye care, cataracts, and more! Follow EyeCare 20/20 on Twitter

North Shore Eye Care Blog

The team at North Shore Eye Care has put together a blog consisting of posts about everything from tips like getting rid of upper eyelid bags, all the way to what to expect before surgeries. Follow North Shore Eye Care on Twitter

Berkeley Eye Center Blog

With a reputation that spans more than 50 years, Berkeley Eye Center is recognized as one of Texas’ most established comprehensive eye care facilities. They have 20 clinics and optical locations located throughout the greater Houston area. Their blog is dedicated to helping readers take care of their eyes, as well as information on topics such as macular degeneration. Follow Berkeley Eye Center on Twitter

Pacific Eye Blog

Pacific Eye’s team of board certified ophthalmologists and their accomplished optometrist are recognized as the premier eye care group on California’s Central Coast. Pacific Eye has 8 locations. Their bog roll consists of helpful and informative posts regarding eye health. Follow Pacific Eye on Twitter

Eye Care Specialists

For nearly 50 years, the board certified ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians at Eye Care Specialists have provided for the eye care needs of Northeastern Pennsylvania. While the blog feed is constructed heavily by the topic of Lasik, there also are articles on dry eyes, laser cataract surgery, as well as many others! Subscribe to Eye Care Specialists on YouTube

The Eye Doc Blog

A blog ran by Dr. Richard Driscoll of Total Eye Care. “A resource for patients. What you want to know about your eyes and forgot to ask.” Follow Total Eye Care on Twitter

Worthingtion Ophthalmology Blog

Consists of blogs covering the topics of eye health and general eye information. Blog posts on everything from tips to keep your eyesight sharp, to how to choose glasses that fit your face the best. Also host to educational videos! Follow Worthington Ophthalmology on Twitter

Brandon Cataract Center & Eye Clinic- Eye Health Blog

A great resource for information and advice on a number of eye health issues. These issues include nearsightedness, diabetic retinopathy, eyelid dropping, glaucoma, and more. Also includes general blog posts regarding eye health and doctor office visits. “Like” Brandon Cataract Center & Eye Clinic on Facebook

Eye Care Specialties Blog & News

Dr. Rachel Smith and Dr. Brian Hinkley share their expertise among a variety of eye health topics. These topics range from the importance of eye exams to what to expect when diagnosed with a more serious eye condition. Follow Eye Care Specialties on Twitter

Ohio Optometric Association

Blog roll featuring articles on new legislation in relation with optometry, as well as tips and information.

Cargo Eye Care Blog

Cargo Eye Care’s blog is updated multiple times a week with information regarding everything from protecting your eye’s in the sun and indoors, information on new eye health technology, and interesting tidbits regarding the science behind eye behavior. Follow Cargo Eye Care on Twitter

Porter Ophthalmology Blog

Dr. Isaac Porter relays his expertise via videos on topics including cataract surgery tips and options, dry eye treatment, and more. Follow Porter Ophthalmology on Twitter

Insight Vision Center Blog

Insight Vision Center’s blog page has multiple blog posts relating to general eye health. These blogs include topics including Amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, contact lenses, strabismus, and more! Follow Insight Vision Center on Twitter

Blink Eye Care Blog

Blink Eye Care and Eye Wear in Charlotte, NC has created a great blog roll of the latest vision related news and eye care tips. Follow Blink Eye Care on Twitter

Johnson Optometric Blog

Doctors of Johnson Optometric Associates have collaborated to create a great blog page that is loaded with helpful information and tips. Includes both written and video blog posts. Follow Johnson Optometric on Twitter

Grin Eye Care Blog

Blog consisting of articles covering an array of topics related to eye health. These topics include, but are not limited too, eye dilation, cataracts, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Follow Grin Eye Care on Twitter

Hampton Roads Eye Associates

Dr. Chamblee is involved with the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) and the Children’s Eye Foundation. With these organizations, she is currently working on a national level public service project to ensure children have access to eye care and that ocular conditions are detected early. Her blog consists of articles on general eye health as well as specific eye conditions. Follow Hampton Roads Eye Associates on Twitter

Lake Nona Ophthalmology, Dr. Chirag J. Patel

Dr. Chirag J. Patel posts his thoughts and advice on a wide range of eye care, as well as other topics. Articles on this blog include posts such as What Causes Color Blindness, posts on eye growth’s, laser surgery, and many others. Follow Nona Ophthalmology/Dr. Patel on Twitter

Lake Shore Vision Blog

Dr. Martha F. Jay is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with extensive experience in the medical and surgical care of the eyes. She trained at the prestigious Northwestern University Department of Ophthalmology, completing her residency in 1992 to found Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals in Mequon, Wisconsin. Lake Shores Blog is regularly updated and is host to posts on eye health tips, advice, and news!

The Cardinal’s Eye – Rosenberg School of Optometry Blog

Blog created by The Rosenberg School at UIW where the students enrolled in the optometry program are able to post about their learning experiences at the school. Updated every Tuesday. Follow UIWRSO on Twitter

LensDirect Blog.

LensDirect’s blog hosts a bundle of great articles on contact lenses. If you or your child are new to contact lenses, than this blog is for you! Follow LensDirect on Twitter

TearFilm Eye Health Blog.

Blog with the vision “to promote further progress in this field of vision research to promote better understanding of the tear film and ocular surface.” Follow TearFilm on Twitter

Harvard Vanguard Eye Care Blog.

Blog offering articles from experts like Dr. Rachel Negris and Dr. James P. Hahn. Follow Harvard Vanguard on Twitter.

Dr. Paul Krawitz’s -VisiVite Blog

Dr. Krawitz trained in Internal Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, New York. Here at his blog you can read about a variety of eye health topics. Follow Dr. Paul Krawitz on Twitter.

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