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Give Yourself a Gift That Will Last

It is that magical time of the year, a season of giving and being merry! What a year we have had so far, where you might have placed your needs at the bottom of your to-do list. At Florida Eye, we want to remind you to give yourself a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime — the gift of healthy vision.

As we age, we should be vigilant in watching for signs of age-related vision loss because early diagnosis is critical in preventing many sight-threatening conditions from progressing. We want our patients empowered with information that they can minimize their risks. Have you scheduled your comprehensive eye exam?

Eye Exam 101

A comprehensive eye exam is a painless procedure that can detect potentially sight-robbing conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, even before a patient experiences any symptoms. A comprehensive eye exam should cover the following:

  • Medical history — assessed through questions about vision and family history.
  • Visual acuity tested by reading a standardized eye chart.
  • Pupils — evaluated to determine how well they respond to light.
  • Eye movement tested to ensure proper eye alignment and ocular muscle function.
  • Prescription for corrective lenses evaluated to ensure proper vision correction.
  • Side vision tested for possible vision loss and glaucoma risk.
  • Eye pressure tested as a possible glaucoma symptom.
  • The front part of the eye examined to reveal any cataracts, scars, or scratches on your cornea.
  • Retina and optic nerve assessed through a dilated eye exam using special eyedrops, which allows your eye doctor to thoroughly examine the back of the eye for signs of damage.

Helping Your Vision Stay Healthy

Between those regular eye exams, there is a lot we can do in our daily lives to safeguard our eyesight. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses outside (no matter what season it is), stay active, eat healthy foods, and avoid harmful habits like smoking. Following these tips will significantly reduce many risk factors for eye diseases, let alone improving your overall health!

Give yourself the gift that does not come wrapped in a beautiful box but a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime — healthy vision. Do not delay or deny yourself a comprehensive eye exam.

Keep the holidays happier and healthier.

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